An autumn haven for the Post Master

Imagine a world in which the trees keep their vibrant autumn colors all year round. Vermont and New Hampshire aren’t even that charming, and they make a mint in tourism on account of their autumn leaves! Ayrlego has built such a world in LEGO and it’s called Otoño (The Autumn Isle). Here we see that a post office has recently opened in the sleepy settlement of Hojaroja on the Eslandolan Island of Otoño. When not delivering the mail, the Post Master lives upstairs in his quaint Tudor style home. I can get lost in all these details, particularly the lantern and the rustic chimney. I can imagine standing on that porch and soaking in the autumn splendor. We quite often get lost in Ayrlego’s worlds. Settle in for a while because you can too.

Post Master's House and Office, Otoño (The Autumn Isle)

1 comment on “An autumn haven for the Post Master

  1. Michael Wolf

    I really love the simplicity of this. A lot of brickwork buildings just look exhausting to build. Ayrlego got a really satisfying effect without chonk-blocking the walls and if you can open the roof/floor you likely have a workable interior. I’m almost certainly going to work with this style of building in the future.

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