Come to the dark side. We have cookies. And octopi.

Upon reflection, this warm and cozy den build by Krzysztof may not be as warm and cozy as you first thought. But take a moment to appreciate the great details in this LEGO scene before you get worried. I like the use of crates to give the table legs a bit of texture, and this is the first time I’ve seen a Chima mask used as part of a bear-skin rug. I also like the small details like the blue 1×1 tiles for chalk on the pool table. And the mirror is pretty swanky, too.

On the other side

However, through that looking glass, another pair of eyes looks back, and they’re nowhere near as friendly.

Inspired by the classic computer game Darkseed, Krzysztof has created a mirror universe version of the first scene. Well, okay, for those purists among you, not “mirrored” as it isn’t swapped left/right. But mirrored in the best “alternate universe where things are creepy sense. Look, just take a deep breath and think of it as an early inspiration for the Upside Down from Stranger Things.

On the other side

And things are indeed stranger here. The pool table has been replaced with… well, I’m not exactly sure what it is. But the bookcase has clearly been replaced by… okay, I don’t know what that is either. But The repeated use of elbow brick and the underside of the LEGO plate makes things look very bio-mechanical. Oh yeah, and an octopus is looking into the mirror now. The deep red of that beast makes it pop against the rest of this monochromatic nightmare.

If your dreams aren’t unquiet enough already, take a stroll through our archives for more creepy goodness.

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  1. Exxos

    The pool table’s dark twin is an air hockey table.

    So this means the octopus side is likely the benevolent side because air hockey kicks ass. :D

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