Skids up on the Colonial Viper Mk VII

Here at The Brothers Brick, we give a lot of love to Star Wars LEGO creations and sets. But when the likes of David Duperron comes around with a new Battlestar Galactica creation, we surely take notice. David is a master at building highly detailed UCS (Ultimate Collector’s Series) ships as evidenced by this Colonial Viper Mk VII. The Mk VII contains an additional laser cannon at the dorsal fin, a darker color palette, and is sleeker than the Mk II. Be sure to check out David’s Mk II for comparison. In this version System and Technic bricks are integrated seamlessly to give the Viper its signature shape.

UCS Colonial Viper MkVII by DavDupMOCs

Around the back the afterburners are comprised of trans-blue “cheese slopes” and it is made clear in this photo that LED lights are used with amazing effects.

Brickstuff lighting on my Viper MkVII

My favorite shot though showcases an open canopy that reveals a detailed interior. Also, as a testament to David’s custom stickers work, he has used his own name for the pilot and the call sign “Moccer”. That’s some fine detailing right there!

UCS Colonial Viper MkVII by DavDupMOCs

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