Goat raid

LEGO released the 7189 Mill Village Raid set nine years ago (yes, you heard it correctly, nine years ago!). To this day this is the only set to feature this particular LEGO goat. Buying a LEGO goat on Bricklink is like buying a kidney on the black market. Somehow adding a goat adds to your creation makes it ten times as good. Hellboy.lego made a beautiful new rendition of this set. And it doesn’t need goats to make it look good. However, he added 4 of them anyway. I am not sure what is being raided in this creation but it would be wise to snatch a goat or two while at it…

My uncle is a great fan of LEGO. He once spoke these wise words: “Making something awesome out of LEGO is not about having a lot of different bricks, it’s about having a lot of the same bricks.” And Hellboy.lego proves him right by using a ton of 1×2 tiles in this creation. Most of the walls and the roofs are composed of 1×2 tiles. Even the blades of the mill are made of them!

ClassicCastle - Mill Village Raid

3 comments on “Goat raid

  1. Fred

    uh, shouldn’t a contributor to The Brothers Brick know the difference between 1×2 plates, and 1×2 tiles? :-)

  2. Edwinder

    Hi Fred, thanks for pointing that out. We’ve fixed it. Our writers are also humans and sometimes we get too excited a great build and make a couple of mistakes here and there and have eagle eyed readers to help us spot them! We appreciate it! I personally got distracted by that number of goats!!

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