Watching Adam Savage sort his LEGO collection is your ASMR dose of the day [News]

In a previous episode had a glimpse of the famous co-host of Mythbusters, Adam Savage, building a storage solution for keeping his LEGO elements organised. The followup to that project is to get some actual sorting to be done. In this episode, Adam sorts his LEGO elements by colours and that approach works for him and his modest collection.

He says he’s finished sorting and we’d like to believe it… but we all know there’s never an end to sorting LEGO because just soon enough, when you think you’re done there’s more LEGO to build, and there’s always more sorting to be done. Click on the video below to see him in action and achieve a sense of accomplishment during the pandemic period.

There is no perfect, right nor wrong way to organise your LEGO collection and elements. You create a system that works for you and how you operate with the many variables that you have in terms of space and type, and amount of storage systems you may have. Most important aspect to follow how your thinking process allows you to retrieve the part that you need, when you need it.

If you have an extensive collection and LEGO and still figuring out what’s the best way to keep yourself organised, here are some experienced builders that share their approach.