It’s time for your Daily Fable

If you are from Europe and between 30 to 50 years old then this LEGO creation must be instantly recognisable for you. I am talking about Rickard Stensby’s Mr. Owl from the Daily Fable (Fabeltjeskrant in the original Dutch). Every day the wise owl would read from his local newspaper while perched up in his tree. He would tell the kids wonderful stories about the events taking place in Fableland, and especially the mishaps, quarrels, experiences and emotions of its furry and feathered animal inhabitants.

Fablernas Värld

Fablernas managed to capture the essence of Mr. Owl perfectly with his wise but gentle facial expression and his noble composure. The plumage is especially well done and resembles the source material perfectly. The original puppets were made from fabric.

Also check out another LEGO owl we featured yesterday, though of the more wild variety.

3 comments on “It’s time for your Daily Fable

  1. Håkan

    Hmm, I kinda recall that in a Swedish Fabeltjeskrant book I found, as props, there was a car constructed in the Lego clone Philiform (it looked like).

  2. Roloff

    For those of you not in Europe and that don’t have much of a clue still, it was a daily TV show aimed at kids. The animals were large puppets (puppeteered much like Muppets), voiced by famous (voice)-actors (at least in The Netherlands). It was aired for decades.

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