The perfect reading nook

Spending all this time indoors would be easier if everyone had a cozy reading nook like this one by Jonathan Fictorie. I love the details like the open book, tasty beverage in a brick-built wine glass, and the rustic feel for the chair and end table. The textures of the brick the wall are only surpassed by the intricate stained glass work in the window. This model has all the comforts of home I could ask for.


Taking a closer look at the window, you can see how Jonathan used transparent brick, plate, and cheese slopes to create the stained glass. Using tile, instead of standard plate pieces, for the leading means that there aren’t any studs exposed in the transparent section to muddy the effect. Clever use of large transparent wall elements locks the build into place.


The furniture, too, is full of rewarding details. I like the repeated use of 1×1 round plates to break up sections of 1×1 brick. The angular shade on the lamp echoes the details in the window, just as the rods in the lamp base mirror the chair back. Finally, the warm color of deep red in the flooring really ties the room together.


All in all, this is a masterfully depicted scene. I’d love to visit for a day, then stay for the long haul. And if this room doesn’t match your taste in interior decor, why not check our archives? You’re sure to find something there that suits you.

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  1. Ellendhel

    That’s definitely inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. I really like all the details and colors on the window.

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