A bold and daring trio of Art Nouveau buildings

Come see the latest Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) additions on the New Century City Block III. Each unique in its color, flair, and technique, Eero Okkonen has spent two years working on the buildings, drawing inspiration from real-life buildings and researching how the Art Nouveau movement has found its way into Finnish architecture. I’d say it was two years well-spent!

New Century City Block III

The Kotiharju house, in a classic yellow and black color combo, is inspired by Finnish Jugendstil architecture. Eero’s use of bow bricks on the corners of the Kotiharju house creates a rounded, polished look. Combined with his use of old window frames, Eero’s approach is simple in design yet the result is unbelievably realistic.

New Century City Block III

Our next behemoth of a building is the Kallioperä house. Also inspired by Finnish buildings, this olive green and grey beauty features the most ornamentation of the three, with NPUs ranging from a cat, mice, handcuffs, and macaroni tiles for a nice ~wavy~ masonry look. The building’s entrance archways are also superb, simply made of hinges and slope bricks.

New Century City Block III

The stunning sand green and white Primrose building draws more from the architectural styles of Prague and the Vienna Secession. This building offers the best views on the block, with its unparalleled variety in windows. A wide bay window forms most of its facade, followed by a large pane of translucent clear 1x2s and finally a multicolored stained glass window directly above. The addition of curved bar elements on the ground floor windows adds a distinguishable Art Nouveau touch, perfect for any passersby to see.

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