A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

This LEGO Fatboy Mech by Marco Marozzi is decidedly rather rotund in the hip and leg area. I believe the medical term the kids used to throw around the schoolyard for this is “fatty-fatty-boombalatty”. But is this mech’s propensity toward tipping the scales a product of overeating or a glandular disorder? The stickers on this chubby chap clue us in that it may have an affinity for Red Bull and, while it is not overly fattening in itself, its high caffeine content could lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. Nasty stuff, that Red Bull but I would say such a thing as I am well north of forty. The crazy kids are into it though and by the time they get old enough to mix it with vodka you have already lost hope for them ever listening to good music. Kids these days! Am I right? Get off my lawn! Anyway, this is a rather cool mech, I admit. Cool mechs seem to be Marco’s thing.


3 comments on “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

  1. Lino Martins

    Hakan, Hah! It did not occur to me that I recently dissed both the old and the young until you pointed it out. At least I’m an equal opportunity disser, right?

  2. Håkan

    Yeah, you only need some self-deprecating middle aged disses to round things up.

    I’m just in the process of listening to some old Nick Kamen LP in my big LP cleanout project, so I could throw in a Nick Kamen diss for good measure… 1980’s crooners, am I right?

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