Chibi-scale Millennium Falcon and X-Wing befitting the official Star Wars Master Builder Series Cloud City [Instructions]

When LEGO released the 75222 Master Builder Series (MBS) Cloud City set, LEGO fans immediately wondered whether the landing platform could support any other Star Wars ship. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fit a few other iconic ships on that platform, at the same scale as the fantastic Slave I included with the set?

LEGO chibi X-Wing

We now have a custom build by hachiroku24 with clever chibi designs of an X-wing and Millennium Falcon on a similar scale that you can build to swoosh down onto Cloud City to save the day.

LEGO chibi X-Wing

Even better, the builder has provided video instructions for the chibi X-Wing.

If that does not satisfy your hunger and you need that Millennium Falcon scaled to fit the Master Builder Series (MBS) Cloud City, it’s also available with instructions to go with the X-wing.

Millennium Falcon in the style of the Slave I from Betrayat Cloud City 75222 set

Check out the video below for instructions on building your own chibi Millennium Falcon.