The brightest of battles amongst the stars

From movies to TV shows to LEGO models, we all love a bit of Star Wars action. But one of the persistent criticisms of the franchise is the peculiar need it appears to have to return to similar planetary environments over and again. In an entire galaxy of apparently habitable planets, it seems weird we keep ending up on desert or frozen worlds. Here’s a LEGO creation that decides instead to revel in the possibilities of alien environments, setting a battle between the Republic and the Trade Federation on the colourful world of Tealos Prime. I love the bright foliage and unusual tones in the scenery here — a brilliant contrast with the typical grey vehicles of the Star Wars universe.

The scene, a collaborative effort from Tim Goddard, Mansur Soeleman, and inthert is an absolute cracker — massive in scope despite the micro scale employed on the individual models. Check out this wider top-down view which reveals the full size of the layout, with scenery ranging from forest to cliff-side landing pad, and the impressive array of vehicles from both factions…

3 comments on “The brightest of battles amongst the stars

  1. ArmoredBricks Animations

    Anywhere there are more photos? I’d love to see closer shots of individual builds.

  2. Ben

    I’d also like to see more photos of this. In fact, I’m wondering how you guys even found it, where were the pics originally posted? I follow all three builders on Flickr and these photos aren’t in their photostreams that I can see, and you have no other links provided.

  3. Purple Dave

    I’ve never heard that complaint about the six Star Wars movies before. Sure, five of the six movies feature Tatooine, and both Naboo and Coruscant are featured in every prequel movie, but beyond that all of the major set pieces are consistently varied. About the closest I can think of to a “repeat” situation is Yavin/Endor/Kashyyyk. Now, the Disney flicks, on the other hand, barely seemed to break new ground at all.

    This reminds me of an amped up version of Felucia. So much so that I thought that’s what it was until I read the text. I recognize enough of the vehicles to suspect that they’re all canon, but I don’t actually recognize most of the Republic air/space craft.

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