Forestmen’s Crossing revisted

When I was a kid, one of my absolute favourite LEGO sets was Forestmen’s Crossing, and while those old sets were cool, building techniques have greatly evolved in the last 30 years. Patrick B exemplifies this with his updated version of the classic set. The most noticeable difference is the greater level of texture that’s possible now. All of the large pieces from the original set, like the baseplate or bridge, are instead brick built in this creation, giving both of them greater detail.

Forestmen's Crossing

The walls of the tower are much more textured, using a mix of various bricks, plates, slopes, tiles, and even light gray briefcases! There are other amazing parts usage throughout, from the red Technic gear as a flower or the brown pneumatic t’s as fence. I love use of Hero Factory rock armour as a rock – simple but brilliant. The thing that really ties it all together though, is how he’s managed to incorporate some of classic pieces like the Forestmen shield or their original minifigure parts, so seamlessly with new elements.

2 comments on “Forestmen’s Crossing revisted

  1. Håkan

    Hmm, I’m still annoyed that this set never came to Europe. Both the baseplate and the forestwoman seem quite expensive to pick up on BrickLink. (By the way, it doesn’t seem that there’s a reimagined forestwoman in the build. I kinda miss her…)

  2. Purple Dave

    I can beat that. I loved the Forestmen theme as a kid. I had the Forestmen’s Hideout, and the Forestmen’s River Fortress, but I’d already missed out on the Camouflaged Outpost which is the one I wanted the most. Then one day we were in Sears so my dad could pick something up. The toy aisle (such as it was) was nearby, and I slipped over to ease my boredom. They had a single LEGO set on the shelf, and it was this set. I actually had enough money of my own to buy it…and I was told to put it back because I was “too old for toys”.

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