Beware of the ‘borg

If you haven’t seen Treasure Planet, you must. It’s one of Disney’s most underrated films. And if you have watched it, you can probably pick this guy out from a mile away. John Silver is a partially cyborg version of the classic Long John Silver character from the famous Treasure Island stories, and this LEGO version by Jayfa is an excellent recreation. Using balloon elements to create a rum belly is top-notch parts usage. He also wouldn’t be the same without his little space-goo buddy, Morph.

John Silver

We’ve featured Jayfa many times on TBB. If you’d like to see more of his exceptional work, check out our archives.

1 comment on “Beware of the ‘borg

  1. HÃ¥kan

    I find that John Silver is sort of a reinterpretation of classic Disney villiains such as Captain Hook and Stromboli, played as an anti-hero. It’s an interesting way to play on the audience’s expectations…

    (Personally, for the movie, I think that the ambitions were impressive, but the mixing of 2D and digital 3D might not have been the best choice at the time.)

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