LEGO partners with Nintendo to create LEGO Super Mario theme [News]

Teased on the LEGO Twitter account and Facebook page today, a brand new LEGO licensed theme developed in partnership with Nintendo is coming soon. It looks like one of the most famous video game characters, Super Mario is about to get his own lineup of LEGO building sets. The teaser doesn’t reveal much but gives a hint on what Mario minifigure will look like.

9 comments on “LEGO partners with Nintendo to create LEGO Super Mario theme [News]

  1. Nick P

    Wow. This is an interesting development. If this is a minifig type teaser it looks like they will be very specialized minifigs like the ones from Angry birds were.

  2. Purple Dave

    Based on the Secret Sale notification I just got from a T-shirt site, the timing of this is purely by design, as today’s date is MAR10.

    Also, I’m definitely going to have to build that go-cart track now…

  3. Håkan

    Hmmm, it would be cool if Nintendo and Lego finally had decided to team up, and there’d be sets based on other franchises, including Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon and Donkey Kong …

    Then, I have to add that that’s a weird-looking Mario minifig, though…

  4. Ridley

    The flat square design of Mario and the screen portion as well as the black thing sticking out underneath suggests that it is some sort of sleeve or dock for a smart device. Perhaps you use a phone with a special app inside the Mario dock to get some interactive game elements into the sets. The screen looks oddly low res though, and Mario appears kind of small, so perhaps it’s a new smart screen element included in a set rather than a phone or even a Nintendo Switch. Looking forward to seeing more of this, and I hope other Nintendo franchises are next.

  5. Kyle

    Yeah I wonder if that’s a case or something to hold your smartphone and interact with the pieces some how. A Nintendo license would be pretty amazing though.

  6. Ridley

    Upon closer inspection Mario looks like he’s four studs wide, so that’s a tiny screen slotted into him. I assume it’s a small Lego/Nintendo smart device made for this product line. Perhaps it can interact with the sets somehow and react to touching different things like blocks and enemies to make a game out of it.

  7. Johnny Johnson

    From hand to hand, the figure is 6 studs wide in that picture. His overall buttons are yellow 1×1 round plates. The screen extends all the way up through the head, meaning he will be capable of different expressions (The eyes and mouth are part of the screen). How this all works as a LEGO set… I have no idea! It’s baffling, but super intriguing. It’d be nice (And I would prefer it) if we got some real minifigs out of the Nintendo license, but this is interesting.

  8. Johnny Johnson

    Oh, and his ears also look like they’ll be 1×1 round plates? I can’t imagine they’ll be printed, but it’s a (Weird) possibility!

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