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LEGO recently added a bookshop to their line of modular buildings. That’s a fun set, but if you’re like me, you’d never be satisfied with just one corporate Birch Books bookstore in your town. You also need the sweet goodness of an indie store – they always stock the more interesting volumes. Happily, builder Maxim Baybakov has created a masterful bit of competition with Once Upon A Book. This modular-style building is full of fun details and avid readers.

Once upon a book. First

Maxim has also shared some photos showing off the creative building techniques that brought this scene to life. You can see how to build your own super cute fire hydrant, and investigate the use of a minifigure paint brush in the roof construction. I was particularly happy to see the breakdown of the window construction. The exposed edges of the 1×2 brackets make for a really nice bit of texture.

Window technique.

My favorite detail, though, is the intricate use of cheese slopes in the store’s door and facade. That window decoration above the door is just superb.

Once upon a book. Fourth

I know I’d be happy to browse the selection here. Maybe they’d even have some of those LEGO construction guides I keep meaning to pick up…

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  1. Roloff

    Haha, all the pedestrians are facedown on their smartphones, wonderful detail. And such great realistic intrinsic detailing on the building, incredible!

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