Like a phoenix rising from the ashes comes Olivia’s Getaway 2.0

Sometimes good things or even better things can come from tragedy. Kevin Peeters tells us about a LEGO project that took three months to complete. Immediately after photographing it, the creation was dropped onto the floor and shattered completely. This unfortunate story resonates with a lot of us as dropping an intricate creation occasionally is as inevitable as the tides. But Kevin didn’t give up and rebuilt the idea to be even better than the first. The end result is this stunning Olivia’s Getaway 2.0. I don’t know who Olivia is or what she’s getting away from but I admire the intricate work put into this rustic cabin. I can get lost in the details along the roof and landscaping and the pumpkins and daffodils are a nice touch. If you wanted masonry bricks in olive green, they only come in two sets. While I wouldn’t wish accidentally destroying a creation on any LEGO builder, I’d say we’re all fortunate that the accident occurred.

Olivia’s Get-Away 2.0 | Instructions available!

2 comments on “Like a phoenix rising from the ashes comes Olivia’s Getaway 2.0

  1. Peeters Kevin

    ‘Olivia, the witch, is often misunderstood by society. She has different views on live and doesn’t fit in with the general population.
    She likes to be on her own and lives peacefully deep into the forest in her weathered cottage where she can escape reality and do her thing.’
    In a way, she can be seen as a reflection from my own person.
    Thank you!

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