Giant robots are always a win

Years before the Transformers came on the scene, Japanese cartoons already had a whole host of giant robots to choose from. America had some exposure to them, mainly via Marvel Comic’s Shogun Warriors and the related Mattel toy line. Those brief introductions really don’t do justice to the rich and creative mythology of the original series. But that doesn’t matter. To me, giant robots are always cool. And giant LEGO robots? Well, I bet you can guess my feelings about them.

Taking inspiration from the late 1970’s series, Marco De Bon‘s Grendizer stands an impressive 320mm (12.6″) tall, is fully articulated, and is armed for battle. Man, I wish I could have had this set when I was a kid!

Lego Grendizer / Goldrake / Goldorak

I really like how the smooth clean lines of the original design have been replicated. The bold color blocks are defined by a combination of curved slopes and tiles, without any exposed studs in sight. The use of pyramid tiles add just the right angular touch to keep things from feeling bland.

The build has some clever articulation, too. The chest and neck have plenty of joints, allowing for a more natural curve. The hips have a clever bit of hinging to allow the legs to have a much wider range of poses.

Lego Grendizer / Goldrake / Goldorak

I wanted to confirm the look was just right, so I hunted down the intro to the Grendizer TV show. I suggest you give it a quick watch, just to fully understand how much love went into this creation.

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