Meet me down by the shipyard for some good old antifouling!

Having spent a few years at sea, KMBricklab has stirred my olfactory bulb and amygdala with this shipyard diorama. Those are the two parts of the brain responsible for nostalgia, and mine are tingling something fierce with memories of briny air, seagulls squalling, and a quick welder’s spark. Dry dock is the only time to see a vessel in it’s full glory and often it can seem both mighty and vulnerable. This old fishing cutter is getting some much needed antifouling of its hull.


This view offers a clearer perspective of the tidy shaker style building common in most North American seaside towns.


This view illustrates the reason a good old antifouling is needed periodically. Barnacle, seaweed and other sea life will cling fast to a ship’s hull and even gum up the rudder and screws if left untended.


But these workers have made great progress at the bow of the boat. A bit more work and a steadfast paint job and this boat will be good as new!


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  1. jimmy

    That’s a really nice job on the shoreline, with the seaweed on shore and the water really representing what it’s like near the shoreline if you’r enot on a pristine tourist beach (with floating seaweed bits, dead crab parts, etc).

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