When was the last time you danced?

The new Creator modular comes out January first and, while this is exciting news, the general consensus is that it is rather plain. That would not have been said if this creation by Joshua were the new modular instead. This Dancing Modular is part Dancing House by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunić, part Krzywy Domek and part funhouse mirror. The dizzying, sweeping windows juxtaposed against curving transparent balconies is a compelling sight to behold, and the garden roof terrace brings a bit of nature to what otherwise might be forboding architectural chaos.

Dancing Modular

The interior boasts some brightly lit, yet quaint, well-appointed spaces such as this one.

My favorite is this small kitchenette. The reel-to-reel printed tiles make for excellent stove burners.

Dancing Modular

The rear of the building reveals another curved transparent balcony similar to the one out front, however, the two slab-like walls would make it so that you may abut this building against two of your more conventional modulars, just in case you wanted to be the talk of the entire town. My hunch is we’ll be talking about this dancing modular for awhile to come.

Dancing Modular


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