Get your motor running, head out on the highway

Having built a car or two(hundred) myself, I get a kick out of it when someone else does this good a job showing the automobile some love. This one may be unique because we might be dealing with a young builder here, or at least someone with a cool, supportive mom. Carrie Kokoska is not the builder, however, she just created a new Flickr account to showcase these photos on behalf of her oldest son. “The Bend City Auto Garage” gets its inspiration from an old pharmacy in their local town. We are looking at a builder who is passionate about LEGO and working at his grandpa’s garage, where he restores vintage cars. The posters and stickers both inside and out were designed by the builder’s mom, making this truly a family project.

Side view hot rod on lift

Inspired details can be found throughout. Here is a shot of the opposite wall with a sitting area and a vintage gas pump.

Seating area with vintage gas pump

The hot rod is surely the star of the show. Here is a shot of it showcasing that finely detailed engine and some of the outside of the garage.

Hot rod outside Garage

As far as we can tell, this seems to be the first time this builder has been highlighted anywhere online, so let’s give them the Brothers Brick bump they rightfully deserve and head on over to their photostream to see more of this fabulous hot rod and its vintage garage.