20 pieces to crow over

As those with some knowledge of Latin might expect from the user name, Corvus Auriac seems to have a thing for crows. Crows are among the most intelligent of birds and are often known to make use of tools. Corvus the builder is also a tool user, as demonstrated by this lovely digital render of Arminius, The Crow. Creating a recognizable avian can be a challenge, yet Corvus manages it in only 20 pieces. Among the creative part choices are Minifigure wings, a tooth for a beak, and a flipper for the tail. Even the branch is a nice little build, making use of an elephant tail and carrot top.

Arminius, The Crow

Although this is just a flight of fantasy (brick) at present, Corvus says that a real-world version is on the way. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

1 comment on “20 pieces to crow over

  1. Håkan

    Speaking of crows’ intelligence. Once, at the Stockholm University Campus, I watched in fascination a Crow perched by a waste bin, using its claws and beak to slowly pull up the plastic bag inside, one bit at a time, and pick up and drop all of the junk inside on the floor, until it had finally reached its goal… a half-eaten apple! Then, it flew away, without minding the huge mess it had made, but the underlying reasoning and the persistence in going through with the plan was quite impressive.

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