The Gigahorse is a thing of automotive nightmares

Having seen Mad Max: Fury Road several times, I can state that the stars of the show are not so much the actors, the scenery, nor the plot but rather the cars. Vehicles seen in the movie were actual working pieces of over-the-top post-apocalyptic automotive mayhem. One such example is the Gigahorse built by Kale Frost. Driven by inefficient water wasting baddy Immortan Joe, Gigahorse was constructed by stacking two 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Villes, along with two beefy V16 engines and a menacing plow up front. Massive tires complete the look and the end result is a thing of automotive nightmares.

The Gigahorse

The vehicles of Mad Max: Fury Road have captured the imaginations of many a builder. Here is a previously featured Gigahorse as well as the Plymouth Rock and the Doof Wagon. Safety and practicality mean nothing in the Mad Max world!

4 comments on “The Gigahorse is a thing of automotive nightmares

  1. Kale F

    Mad Will, it’s two V8’s welded together.
    Immortan Joe is kinda ridiculous in his ostentatious displays of wealth. It’s a world where noone has one of anything. But he has two Cadillacs (they actually used four for the movie version), powered by two V8s (with V8s being pretty rare already) and the weapons on the back are wooden handled (in a world where wood no longer grows anywhere)
    What’s most impressive, is that the one you see in the movie works. They really built it. It has cooling issues, and being two V8s welded together is a big part of that, but it works.
    And now I’m off to Bricklink to swap out the rear wheels :D

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