A castle for your princess

When I first saw this diorama titled Molly’s Castle, I actually thought it was microscale due to the overall silhouette. But then I spotted some minifigures high atop the turrets, and mounted knights wending their way through the forest. Built by Jon & Catherine Stead over just six days, this LEGO diorama features a rare tan castle in a verdant setting, with plenty of details to ogle. Measuring nearly 4 feet in length and 17 inches tall, you won’t lack for adventure here.

Molly's Castle MOC - 2

Among my favorite details of the stalwart fortress is the gate, which employs gold Elves fences for an outer portcullis. Whoever Princess Molly is, she’s clearly wealthy.

Molly's Castle MOC - 14

Hiding among the crannies are not one but two dragons, adapted from official sets. Down below the castle lies a dark cave with quite a pile of treasure — this probably explains that gate.

Molly's Castle MOC - 46

Look at the fields beyond the forest, and you can spot a group trying to tame the other dragon, which is surely a job that deserves hazard pay even more than most in medieval times.

Molly's Castle MOC - 4