Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of riding a bicycle

Builder Mel Finelli is back on the saddle with another amazing bicycle creation, and this time it’s of a 1960s Schwinn Stingray. The construct itself looks like it defies all logic and gravity even up to the handlebars floating. I can attest they do all fit together and hold well, having seen her earlier creation of the LaFrance Super-Streamline in person. What enables this magic to happen is LEGO flex-tubes threaded through the colored parts. What may look simple in the end is the result of whole lot of patience and planning. It was definitely worth it.

Catching Some Waves

While the bike is the main star, Mel’s creations go beyond just the bike by adding the surroundings with a supporting cast of highlights. Check out that old retro Channel Master radio from the same era and enjoy a cool cola on the side.

Catching Some Waves

Even the portable cooler has a little healthy dose of fruits to keep your tummies filled with plastic goodness!

Catching Some Waves

Be sure to check out her other beautiful bicycles in this series: The Penny Farthing, the Raleigh, and the exquisite LaFrance Super Streamline

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