The heart is the soul, and sometimes the path to death

Biocup 2019 has kicked off this year with a preliminary theme of all things scary. Biocup is a fan friendly organised event where builders challenge themselves to use Lego Technic, Bionicle, CCBS (Creature and Character Building Systems) and Constraction with having little or no traditional LEGO System bricks involved. This particular round is themed on creations built on things that scare or put fear into your heart or send chills down your spine. Builder [VB]’s creation of a heart nailed right through is something to be afraid of. As much as the heart is one of the strongest muscle in the body, it’s also the one that can be the weakest or darkest in soul.

Unseen Adversary

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  1. Håkan

    Now I feel the need to mention where the iconic stylized heart shape comes from. There are basically two theories, both of them mainly pertaining to sex.

    The first is that it represents the buttocks of a female bending over.

    The second theory, possibly connected to the first, is that it was the shape of the seed of a popular afrodisiacum in the Roman era. Maybe not unsurprisingly, it was harvested so hard that today it has gone extinct.

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