TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for June 23, 2019 [News]

In addition to the amazing LEGO models created by builders all over the world, The Brothers Brick brings you the best of LEGO news and reviews. This is our weekly Brick Report for the fourth week of June.

TBB News and reviews:

IN OTHER LEGO NEWS: There were a few other interesting LEGO news articles from around the web this week. Here are the best of the rest:

3 comments on “TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for June 23, 2019 [News]

  1. Purple Dave

    Back when TLC was posting their two annual losses, Mattel was making noise about wanting to buy them, and a few years back they picked up MEGA Brands. Now, the MGA brand that’s mentioned in the TRU article is making news because their founder and CEO has just pulled his latest offer to buy Mattel, announcing publicly that he believes they’re on the verge of bankruptcy.

  2. Håkan

    @Purple Dave

    Ah, MEGA and MGA are two different brands. I thought it was a typo, so at first, it confused me for a while…

  3. Purple Dave

    No, but considering MGA’s best known product appears to be Bratz dolls, I bet if Mattel had purchased MEGA a few decades earlier, they probably would have gone after MGA for trademark infringement when Bratz launched.

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