To every LEGO piece there is a season

Everyone has their favorite season, and mine is definitely winter. But looking at this magnificent vignettes by Markus Rollbühler, I think I have to reconsider this. Studying these vignettes is the opposite of putting together a jigsaw puzzle; instead of searching a correct place for a small piece, Markus invites us to find all the tiniest details in his assembled dioramas. I shall not spoil fun of discovering all the brilliant ideas hidden around the seasons, but I can’t help admiring a genius reindeer built of visor goggles and a stud shooter trigger!

The Four Seasons

2 comments on “To every LEGO piece there is a season

  1. Håkan

    I realize now that these are Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. Their blooming is a traditional symbol in Japan that spring has arrived.

    (And as for the autumn harvest, the word “harvest” actually has cognates meaning “autumn” in the other Germanic languages.)

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