Center yourself with bricks

Connect with your inner self in this blissful build by Rollon Smith. A combination of red minifigure head pieces and Technic ball joints form the cylindrical columns so prevalent in historic East Asian architecture. It wouldn’t be complete without the bamboo, allowing nature to be a part of achieving a state of zen. I also enjoy the addition of incense burning at the foot of the build, helping the minifigure to meditate better.

Nya's Meditation

Be calm. Be relaxed. Build LEGO.

Nya's Meditation

1 comment on “Center yourself with bricks

  1. HÃ¥kan

    Hmmm, took me some time to identify the head, but apparently it mostly appeared in City and Creator sets.,%20Head%20Dual%20Sided%20Female%20Black%20Eyebrows,%20Freckles,%20Eyelashes,%20Peach%20Lips,%20Open%20Smile%20with%20Teeth%20/%20Sleeping%20Pattern%20-%20Hollow%20Stud&category=%5BMinifigure,%20Head%5D#T=P&C=3

    Works nicely, though. Although Nya canonically has a mole and not freckles, but it’s permissibly by artistic license.

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