Robot rumble in microcity Meribia!

Italy’s extremely prolific Marco de Bon is ready to rumble! His latest creation pits two big bots against each other with an entire LEGO microscale city playing backdrop to their battle.

Meribia under attack

The black and gray bot is clearly the aggressor, roughing up the skyscrapers while the dark blue Midnight Ranger seems to be avoiding toppling any buildings, planting its feet carefully along the streets. There’s a great energy and enormity of scale on display.

Meribia under attack

Meribia & Midnight Ranger

The city has been a year in development and we previously featured earlier districts of Marco’s Meribia microcity here on TBB. The sprawling metropolis is sufficiently diverse, and exciting- previous neighborhoods have been expanded upon and linked together for the final confrontation.

Lego microcity MERIBIA