Open the gates!

Builder Louis of Nutwood packs a lot of story in a small space in this snow-covered castle scene. This is part 8 of a wonderful ongoing series by Louis, and not only is it visually interesting, but there’s a written component that accompanies each part of the heroes’ journey.

Svalg Keep

In this chapter, a pair of weary travelers, one in dire circumstances, arrive at Svalg Keep to seek help from its residents. The castle is nicely sculpted and I really like the way it seems to spill off of the confines of the base. The small wooden structures are a fitting addition and do a great job of breaking up the mostly gray and white color palette of the castle. Adding more color to the proceedings are the snow-laden trees utilizing fall colors on their branches. It can be hard to work in a limited number of colors, but Louis excels at it here.

Svalg Keep - Back

Not being satisfied with a mere front-facing model, the builder has gone the extra mile and detailed the back as well. He includes a small room furnished with all the things a knight might need to defend their keep from unwanted intruders. Let’s hope our weary travelers are able to find the aid they seek! To find out how it all plays out, be sure to check out the other images and stories in Louis of Nutwood’s Flickr gallery.