Like the opening chapter of a great seafaring novel

“The sea, she’s like a lady. You dance with her you dance by her lead otherwise she chew ye up and swallow ye whole.” How do you like my grizzled sea captain impersonation? Needs work? Yeah, you’re probably right. I was just channeling Ahab, Nemo, and a bit of Quint from Jaws who, as it turned out, needed a “bigga boat.” This historic LEGO harbor scene by Vaionaut has all the quaint charm of Amity without the danger. Upon further inspection, the cannons, soldiers, pirates, and other details do suggest danger and intrigue–though likely not shark related. Everything from the expertly crafted curved wall, to the granite sailing ship model, to the intricate detailing on the rooftops is a treat to behold. My favorite feature is the hanging sailor-capped albatross totem bearing a close resemblance to Donald Duck.

Historic Harbour Scene

This is like the opening chapter of a great seafaring adventure novel with each page leaving me wanting more. As it turns out, there is a bit more as this was part of a collaborative pirate build presented at Bricking Bavaria and can be seen at Rogue Bricks. Though if you click there, be sure to brush up on your German. All the German I know, I’ve learned from Rammstein, which, like my sea captain impersonations, has proven to be unhelpful while traveling abroad.

2 comments on “Like the opening chapter of a great seafaring novel

  1. Molestolus

    It’s quite funny that you mentioned that the collab can be seen at RogueBricks because that’s wrong. Actually it was never shown there. Probably because the admins are too busy minding their own business.

  2. Vaionaut

    To the previous commenter: I strongly doubt that you are the real Modestolus, and posting under a wrong name already says a lot about you.

    The complete collab by RogueBricks members is not presented on the website for several reasons. The most important ones are that this is a project that was built especially for this exhibition and its visitors and that an overview of the whole collab – even if posted by some – does not do justice to the models themselves, as many details would not be recognizable anymore. Therefore, we found it better for the participants to present their individual modules themselves.

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