Why not close the window at night?

If you happen to come across the obscure Flickr photostream of why.not?, you will likely be asking yourself the question “why?” more often than “why not?” The builder seems to specialize in very obviously giving her builds a message, but more often than not, the message is hard to pin down. Her latest creation is a nighttime scene of a room with an open window. This scene captures the ambiance of fresh night air so well that I can almost feel the cool breeze. It is actually so beautifully mundane that I can not help but relax and go to sleep now… Wait, nope, there are some chains on the floor and I have no idea what they are there for. No sleep tonight.


The build itself seems quite simple, with a cute city skyline in forced perspective as the background, using different shades of yellow as windows with a bit of variation, making for quite a realistic effect. I also really like the moon, built with a round tile and a white rubber band around it that gives a glowing effect. The room has a few interesting details as well, especially the little marbles on the table, which seem to be made of either levers or antennas. The handles on the windows and the door are a great idea too, using pearl gold minifig arms to achieve a very classy look.

3 comments on “Why not close the window at night?

  1. Ted A.

    For the record, “why.not?” is a female builder (credit to Christopher Hoffmann who did the sleuthing some time ago). According to her DeviantArt page, her name is Andrzeja Czarek and she’s from Poland.

  2. Håkan

    Well, the key to the chains is apparentl lying nearby to the left, so all still seems pretty well…

  3. CharlieR

    I think the marbles on the table are pills with an open (presumably empty) pill bottle and a water glass on the table next to them.

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