A classic cartoon captured in Classic Space [Instructions]

With the recent release of the 70841 Benny’s Space Squad set from The LEGO Movie 2 and the upcoming 40th anniversary of Classic Space, there is bound to be a spike in popularity for what is already one of the most popular LEGO themes. Contributing to this spike is this creation by Miro Dudas, a rover that is heavily inspired by a classic car most of us are probably familiar with… The Flintstones‘ car!

Benny's PT-Cruiser

The build captures the angular and minimalist style of Classic Space sets, but its simplicity has an added bonus – why not make your own with the instructions provided by the builder? Miro has built the rover in a few alternative themes himself, both digitally and physically, as seen below.

The future is here with Futuron

2 comments on “A classic cartoon captured in Classic Space [Instructions]

  1. Håkan

    Apparently Classic Space originated in the US in 1978, according to Brickset, so the 40th year anniversary is this year.

    And I know it’s a Flintstone recolor, but for a Space build, I kinda miss transparent windscreens…

    (And I gotta buy me some of those Green Futuron figs on Bricklink some time…)

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