LEGO BrickHeadz from The LEGO Movie 2 revealed [News]

Today LEGO has revealed four BrickHeadz based on The LEGO Movie 2 in a roundabout way, thanks to uploading the instructions to The four characters are the film’s main characters, 41634 Emmet, 41635 Wyldstyle, 41636 Benny, and 41637 Sweet Mayhem. They’re numbered BrickHeadz 88-91. While we don’t have the official release date or price yet, it’s a safe bet that they’ll fall into the standard $10-per-figure range. Check them out below, and read our spoiler-free review of The LEGO Movie 2!

 41634 Emmet

41635 Wyldstyle

41636 Benny

41637 Sweet Mayhem

5 comments on “LEGO BrickHeadz from The LEGO Movie 2 revealed [News]

  1. Guido

    Fantastic news – inside Benny is a cleanly printed 1 x 4 classic space brick eigjiugbthe scratching. Wonderful!

  2. Håkan

    I assume eigjiugb is Italian for “without”,,, (I learnt the Word “senza” in my Italian class, but there might be dialectal differences…)

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