Whatcha gonna do when the Space Police come for you?

Let’s take a moment and go back to 1992. If you’re about my age, you were probably sitting on the floor surrounded by a huge pile of LEGO bricks building literally the coolest spaceship ever. With the hindsight of 20+ years, it probably wasn’t that great, but to my childhood imagination, it looked a lot like this Space Police II ship by spaceruner, which is definitely the coolest spaceship ever. Inspired by classic sets 6781 SP-Striker and 6897 Rebel Hunter, it’s the perfect mashup of outlandish design and wickedly cool styling. Plus, who doesn’t love those classic Space Police II colors?

SP2 Striker class evolution

3 comments on “Whatcha gonna do when the Space Police come for you?

  1. Håkan

    My 38-year-old face is befuddled. I can see the skills behind this, but I’m still skeptical to the SP2 color scheme.

    It could be I’m just an old fogey who fails to get the youth of today, though…

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