The ARC-170: a classic in Star Wars design

For many Star Wars fans, the jury is still out on where the prequels stand. However, it’s likely that few would argue with the quality of their vehicle designs. I’d agree with Thomas Jenkins, who considers the ARC-170 Starfighter to be one of the franchise’s best ships. It’s also woefully underrepresented in LEGO, which makes his latest creation such a treat.


It’s a clean, compact build with carefully modeled lines. Positioning the ship into its attack configuration reveals grey and white colour blocking on the inner foils, which I find particularly pleasing. Overall, it brilliantly captures the ship’s unique proto-X-wing theme and reminds us just how talented those prequel designers were.

arc-170 open wing

3 comments on “The ARC-170: a classic in Star Wars design

  1. Dylan cloud

    The arc fighter was one of the few prequel ships that looked like an original trilogy ship. Love it.

  2. The Anonymous Hutt

    The prequel designers were indeed awesome. McQuarrie level stuff from some of them. (And in others cases, the prequel designs were taken straight from McQuarrie, lol.)

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