I see a row of cabinets and they’re all painted white.

Do-it-yourself projects are more fun in LEGO-form, such as this detailed painting-themed render by _spacehopper_. The cabinetry, refrigerator, and sink look attractive in this kitchen, complete with a mouth-watering turkey. (Who makes a turkey and paints the kitchen at the same time?) Someone has been busy painting but is noticeably absent. A ladder sits to the side, and the fan is running to help with ventilation. Meanwhile, the paint roller sits abandoned on the counter top, dripping white paint on the floor. No drop cloths or trays are there to catch anything. Perhaps our missing painter is a novice, realized he was in-over-his-head, and drove to the hardware store for the missing supplies.

6 comments on “I see a row of cabinets and they’re all painted white.

  1. Peter M

    Why, when I go to Flickr to view the photo, does it tell me there is ‘Adult Content’ and I need to sign in??? Is this an attempt by Flickr to gather intel??

  2. Fedor Kolbasin

    Hey everyone, _spacehopper_ here!

    First of all, huge thanks to The Brothers Brick team, it feels awesome and means a lot to me being posted here! Regarding the ‘Adult Content’ – apparently, the safety level has been accidentally set to Moderate during upload, changed it back to Safe as it should be :)

  3. Purple Dave

    The appropriate time to realize you forgot to buy a paint roller tray is sometime _BEFORE_ you dunk the whole roller straight in the can. Which you shouldn’t do anyways.

  4. Howard Schultz

    I don’t think anyone is here looking for painting tips, but congratulate yourself for trying to be the center of attention like the whore your mom is.

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