The greatest brick hits from the ’80s

There was nothing quite like living in the 1980s. Back then, having a single cassette tape on-hand meant being forced to listen to a full album of music and nothing else. It was just one of many technological shortcomings we had to deal with. These two nostalgic builds by Ralf Langer certainly bring back some of those memories. At first glance, the headphones look so realistic. Ralf used LEGO rubber tires to form the ear cushions, and I’m still puzzled by how he incorporated them into the build.

Lego Headphones

The compact cassette tape is also shaped perfectly, right down to the placement of the capstan and pinch roller openings. My favorite parts are the chain links used for the magnetic tape supply reels. While writing this article, I was inspired to play music from the ’80s over my 21st Century Bluetooth headset; talk about instant gratification!

A Lego CC (Compact Cassette)

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  1. Purple Dave

    I’m seeing a 6-wide radar dish on the outside, a 4-wide radar dish on the inside, a ring of motorcycle chain wrapped around the rim of the 4-wide dish, and a tire that’s turned inside-out and has one sidewall rolled over into the center. 41897 might not be the correct size, but it’s definitely that style of tread. You can see the little “U” shapes along the edge of the tread running around the center of the earpads but all stretched out, and again on the inner rim of tire on the outside of the earpads (but this time with the tread compressed).

    Anyways, the Flickr page has one of those hover-notes from the creator saying he’s going to post a tutorial at some point, so all you really have to do is wait and you’ll be able to see exactly what he did. I’m pretty sure I got the basics down, but I don’t know what other pieces he used on the inside of the double-dish, exactly which size tire was used, or exactly how the tire maintains the curl if there’s more involved than just rolling it up like a Cuban tobacco-flavored donut.

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