To the moon, with steam!

I’m not quite sure how the mechanics of a steam-based industry work on the moon, or how exactly a lighter-than-air vehicle like a zeppelin would float above an airless surface, but Dwalin Forkbeard certainly makes such a fantastical idea believable with this steampunk city on the moon.

Steampunk Moon City

While the city buildings feature numerous colors in hues reminiscent of Victorian London, the tram on a circular track also looks lovely, in classic steampunk colors, with exposed gears and pipes. Perhaps there’s a clue to the mechanics of this place in the black T-shaped piece and what could be a pantograph toward the rear.

Steampunk Moon City Tram

One of my favorite details is the observatory with an enormous telescope, featuring numerous focusing or viewing lenses.

Steampunk Moon City Scope

You can see the train and other features in action in this video from the builder.

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