Using height to dodge danger in sight

When LEGO launched the Islanders line in 1994, it made for an interesting addition to LEGO Pirates. In carrying on the legacy of this cherished theme, LEGO fan website Eurobricks has created a fictional pirate-themed universe. The lost city of Myzectlan, in particular, is reminiscent of the Islanders. Eurobricks’ “Daily Life in Myzectlan” collaborative building challenge has inspired some excellent models, such as this lush and lively jungle scene by Stefan G. With a big cat on the prowl, two Myzec travelers bide their time by hiding out in a miraforma. In the Myzec world, miraforma are used to hide from predators on the jungle floor. They also make for good lookout posts.

Miraforma in the Jungles of Cascadia

Stefan has a knack for landscaping in LEGO bricks, and that is what caught my eye with his Myzectlan model. He captures the jungle atmosphere through using multiple shades of green, peppered with colorful flowers. While stock LEGO flowers are used, Stefan also embraces biodiversity by using non-traditional parts for creating convincing plants. Small lever bases are turned upside down and placed on flower stems. Even minifigure flippers and radar dishes are called into service. My favorite flower is made up of the yellow Technic knob wheel, barbs, and Technic bushings. It’s convincingly tropical, and I might just have to borrow that technique.

Plant Creations