A snail’s Creed

If you went to BrickWorld Chicago in 2016, you might remember seeing the amazing Eurobricks collaborative display called “Ready, set, escargot!” The display consisted of giant medieval-themed snails racing around a track. The template for these mammoth mollusks was designed by Mark Larson, while the structure on this snail’s back came from the mind of Marco den Besten. Marco drew inspiration from the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise, and I think his take on the idea would make for an interesting game. The rustic-looking towers complement the dark tan structure of the snail’s shell. Speaking of the shell, Marco has attached wooden posts to the sides for some classic platform gaming fun.

A snail's Creed

Mark Larson’s snail design is captivating, with a face that I think almost anyone would love! Marco built Mark’s snail and has done the model justice with excellent accompanying builds and whimsical details. I particularly love how the two minifigures are dangling a net full of lettuce in front of the snail. How else are you going to motivate a mollusk to move as fast as it can?

A snail's Creed

This close-up of one of the towers demonstrates great use of weathering techniques, with tilted masonry and plants growing from beneath the building on the left. The staged scene hits the mark in trying to emulate Assassin’s Creed.

A snail's Creed

You might be wondering why we are featuring a build that was made back in 2016. The short answer to that question is the builder hadn’t had a chance to properly photograph it until now. Marco decided to take the photos before finally disassembling his snail, and we are glad he took the time to do so. The world needs more giant snails!

A snail's Creed

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  1. Matt Hocker Post author

    @DePino: Wow, thank you for sharing that blast from the past! I hadn’t seen that one myself, but yours looks pretty nice, too. I like the angled plates used to form the snail’s body. :-)

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