Beautiful insects that roam the earth

I can’t remember the last time I saw a butterfly. Then again, I can’t remember the last time I saw a live chicken or cow. Living in the city does have its benefits, but sometimes we forget the beautiful living creatures on mother earth. These three butterflies remind us of how simple things can easily be forgotten in nature and how wonderful LEGO bricks are, how the simplest of things can bring color to remind us of life. Johan Alexanderson didn’t make these random-colored, but instead takes their shape and color from actual butterfly species. The green foliage, though made of seemingly random parts and elements trick my vision into thinking I can almost smell the morning dew.


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  1. Purple Dave

    Every time I go to the zoo with my parents, my dad wants to do two things. Chase red pandas around to get a good picture (they’re not big on posing for the camera and are shockingly hard to spot when they’re up in the trees), and chase blue morphos around trying to get a good picture. This year, the red panda exhibit has been closed for an expansion (just reopened in the past week, I hear!), and to date the only pictures either of us has of a blue morpho in the butterfly house is from the brown side, with the wings firmly shut. The only time either of us has managed to capture the blue side is when they’re still in the hatchery inflating their wings.

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