A bit of a switcheroo

Although it’s not clear if builder¬†Jay Bramhall¬†just liked the bright colors (or maybe M-Tron), given the time of year I prefer to think that he got into Christmas spirit with this colorful Vic Viper. The ship conceals a sweet feature, namely the sweeping wings which are geared together and activated by turning the engine. The clean color blocking brings a nice pop of color to the drab regions of space, and Jay incorporates both old and new shades of dark grey to give a hint of the weatherworn nature of this craft.

Switch Swiper - VV2018

1 comment on “A bit of a switcheroo

  1. Jay B

    Oh wow! I was wondering why my Flickr had blown up. Thanks for the write-up, guys! I’ve always wanted to be featured here and you’ve totally made my day!

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