Take a luxury cruise straight into the enemy fleet

The latest creation from Quy Chau is an intense and visceral spaceship with an interesting backstory of a luxury cruiser redesigned into a military spaceship. While I do appreciate the imagination, this begs the question of why anyone would perform such a refit.


There are so many insane angles on this vertical spaceship, achieved with slopes and wedge slopes oriented in all sorts of ways. The builder leaves many technic elements exposed, which feels very realistic and dirty, without a trace of a luxury cruiser design mentioned in the builder’s description. The vertical shape and cylindrical parts pointing in all directions are an especially welcome breath of fresh air in a world (in a universe?) full of needlesly aerodynamic spacecraft.

2 comments on “Take a luxury cruise straight into the enemy fleet

  1. Mark B.

    Regarding your comment about “why anyone would perform such a refit,” you need look no farther than the Falklands War to find an example. The Royal Navy requisitioned the Queen Elizabeth 2 as a troop transport.

  2. Quy Chau

    Thanks for blogging this! To answer about the questionable backstory, it’s more that the original design was meant to be a typical cruiser SHIP but ended up evolving into something much different; the top half showcases a much smoother and streamlined profile than the rest.

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