Another pint-sized drone that packs a punch

It is the mark of great talent when a LEGO creator can build something that rises above the simple bricks and other elements to be easily mistaken for a mass-produced plastic model. I have been a great fan of FLAVIO‘s WIFFY series of cute and capable drones for years. These incredibly intricate and detailed robots are built around a signature part, the soccer helmet, which reminds me of old-fashioned football helmets from the 1920’s. This well-armed WIFFY also features a number of the new espresso handles, bar holders, and bar holders with clips. Another great detail are the binoculars tucked in under those red eyes.


6 comments on “Another pint-sized drone that packs a punch

  1. Tupperfan

    Ah yeah, soccer helmets, used in that wonderful sport: ice-soccer with sticks and a small black flat and hard football.

    /pedantry (#2)

  2. Tupperfan

    Ah yes, the wonderful sport of ice-scocer, played with a stick, a small, black, hard and flat football and, of course, a soccer helmet!

    /Pedantry (#2)

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