And my brick will go on and on...

The possibilities of the LEGO BrickHeadz format seem to be truly unlimited. These funny characters can make any story better, even a beloved one, as proved by Cindy Su with her recent recreation of the most heart-piercing scene from Titanic. And once you have wiped tears away, you will notice a very unusual upgrade to the figures: movable arms. These are made with some pretty rare arm elements from space themes of the 90s, but fit amazingly well into the modern BrickHeadz style.

Titanic (Rose and Jack)

2 comments on “And my brick will go on and on...

  1. Tupperfan

    Space themes from the 90’s? These parts are actually way older as they orgininated in themid seventies, used on some brick built macrofigs.


  2. HÃ¥kan

    That’s a lot of blonde hair there!

    So, movable arms used just as their original 1970’s counterpart?
    Everything old is new again!

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