First half of 2019 LEGO City lineup revealed [News]

Despite all the adventures that LEGO themes like NinjaGo and Star Wars can offer, LEGO City remains the toy manufacturer’s #1 best-selling line. Sets released during the previous couple of years took us on journeys to jungle forests and arctic deserts, however, the first half of 2019 looks as diverse as possible. Here are firefighters fighting fire with new pump devices, sky police fighting crimes up in the skies, as well as a boat, a couple of vehicles straight from the farm, and even a snow groomer. No doubt, every kid will find a set according to their interests. All sets are to be released during the first half of 2019, starting January 1. Prices and full descriptions are yet to be announced.

60223 Harvester Transport, 358 Pieces

60206 Jet Patrol

60207 Drone Chase

60212 Barbecue Burn Out, 64 Pieces

60213 Dock Side Fire, 97 Pieces

60214 Burger Bar Fire Rescue

60215 Fire Station

60218 Desert Rally Racer, 75 Pieces

60219 Construction Loader, 88 Pieces

60220 Garbage Truck, 90 Pieces

60221 Diving Yacht, 148 Pieces

60222 Snow Groomer, 197 Pieces

60239 Police Patrol Car

60240 Kayak Adventure

5 comments on “First half of 2019 LEGO City lineup revealed [News]

  1. Håkan

    The red fireman’s helmet was teased at already in the 200 Ideas Book from 1985, and now, in 2018, it finally gets an official release!

  2. Michael Wolf

    I’m strangely excited for the new pilot’s visor and air mask. I can see that getting used in my MoCs a lot.

    Also the Drone in the set with the Drone-attacking helicopter looks hella Agents. I’m guessing those things underneath the body are supposed to be landing struts but they just look like they’re for grabbing people and flying them back to a volcano lair.

    Also I have no idea what a “snow cannon” refers to or why anyone would mount one on a tractor and attack skiers with it, but without a doubt I endorse this set on the strength of that concept alone.

  3. Jimmy

    Snow cannon could be either a snow-maker (in real life mounted stationary, not on a moving groomer). Or could be an avalanche cannon -that shoots explosives up high onto avalanche-prone slopes to trigger them and reduce danger of one happening while skiers are on the slopes. (also used in mount passes to keep big avalanches from covering roads).

  4. Paul

    It’s too easy to criticise but I feel these had more potential than realised.
    The current City selection shows better breadth than this.

    While some highlights, mainly in places across the sets, these seem half-hearted; and draw too many influences from the recent past; and in some cases paler ones at that.

    The construction loader seems a little bigger than the Construction Starter Set ; with a little build that is barely a blip, for example.
    The planes and jets are bland and even with neat ideas like the Burger Bar Fire, there is too much underwhelming here.

  5. Håkan

    I like the harvester, though. I think farming in general has been an under-utilized City subtheme through the years.

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