You could have the whole world in your hands

Just the other day I was looking at a handful of Nexo hexagons, wondering what fun things I could do with them. It appears that JD Keller beat me to the punch! This cartographer (maker of maps) by trade, has found a unique way to turn them into a globe. His build incorporates yield signs and some interesting techniques with rubber bands to hold it all together.

LEGO Earth: Globe & Map 2-in-1

JD has tried to include several of the world’s greatest landmarks. What is most interesting is that the globe unfolds into a flat projection, similar to one you’d find in a geography textbook.

LEGO Dymaxion Map

The color-coded connection points help ensure that it lines up right. I’m personally really impressed that he was able to keep the inner bits contained enough to prevent it from exploding open.

LEGO Earth Technical View

The globe cane be mounted to a stand, much like those you find in classrooms. And just like those, you can spin it around its poles.

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  1. Andrew Horn

    For the curious, this is largely based on the Dymaxion map, which was invented and championed by Buckminster Fuller. Specifically, this seems to be very similar to the Airocean World Map, in which the globe is projected onto a mostly-regular icosahedron.

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