Early Black Friday sales include LEGO holiday exclusives and double VIP points, and Barnes and Noble Harry Potter minifig pack [News]

Black Friday LEGO deals and exclusives are starting a week early. The LEGO Store is offering their first exclusive holiday gift with purchase (literally a gift box!), double VIP points, and the lingering Harry Potter Diagon Ally set with orders more than $99 USD, available Nov. 17-18 only, while supplies last.

Barnes and Noble is also hosting a Harry Potter fan event and offering the elusive minifigure four-pack as a gift with purchase for all LEGO orders $75 and above only on Saturday, Nov. 17.

40292 Christmas Gift Box is LEGO’s first seasonal holiday exclusive. The square brick-built present comes with 301 pieces including a golden bow on top. The set will be available from LEGO Stores and online with orders more than $99 USD from Nov. 17-18, then again on Black Friday.

The gift box opens, revealing a cute Christmas scene with a fireplace and tree as well as two minifigures.

It is a rare event when two significant LEGO gifts with purchase stack. 40289 Diagon Alley has been available with orders more than $99 USD since the beginning of the month, and will remain available through Nov. 21 (assuming supplies don’t run out).

The sizeable set (read our review here) includes 374 pieces (with a few cobblestone prints) and one minifigure of Harry Potter wand-maker Ollivander.

Additionally (after much confusion from the fallout of the closing Toys R Us), book retailer Barnes and Noble is offering the Harry Potter minifigure pack in the US with LEGO purchases more than $75 on Saturday, Nov. 17 only. The deal is in conjunction with a larger Harry Potter event the chain is hosting (more information available here).

The minifigures include Madame Hooch, Professor Slughorn, Professor Umbridge and Boggart Snape. Take a closer look at the set in our review here.

9 comments on “Early Black Friday sales include LEGO holiday exclusives and double VIP points, and Barnes and Noble Harry Potter minifig pack [News]

  1. Tiago

    I just tried going to the US lego store and there is no mention of the double points or the Christmas Gift. The email they sent me was for Sat/Sun, which is the 17th and 18th, not the 16th and 17th as you mentioned

  2. Travis

    On the Barnes and Noble one you say the deal is good only on Saturday, Nov 16. But Saturday is the 17th. Which day is correct?

  3. Dave Schefcik Post author

    We’ve clarified the days, so thanks for the catch! The LEGO deals will be available Saturday and Sunday Nov 17-18, and the Barnes and Noble deal will be available on Saturday Nov 17 only.

  4. Wendy French

    The gift box isn’t being added to my cart with my purchase.. it’s Nov 16th. Any ideas on how to get it added?

  5. Dave Schefcik Post author

    LEGO gift with purchase offers typically go live at midnight ET (9pm PT) in the US. The gift box offer is slated for the 17th-18th for LEGO VIPS.

  6. Jeff Huntington

    FYI, at my Barnes and Nobles they said you could only get the HP pack at an event that started at 2 PM EST. I found that out when I was there at opening. I’m not sure if that will be everywhere or not.

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