Nightmare predator will devour you and your whole town

It is entirely possible to be fascinated by a LEGO creation and terrified at the same time. Take this monstrous creature by Ballom Nom Nom, for example. Without a minifig for scale, it is easy to imagine this fellow (named a Grenchler by its creator) stomping through your city, skewering a train or bus on its horn, or squishing a group of terrified tourists underfoot. Speaking of horns, the upward curving protrusion reminds me of the Kaiju from Pacific Rim. Also, there is something unnatural about the three eyes along the edge of the mouth that I can’t explain. I love it, and it will probably stalk my dreams.


2 comments on “Nightmare predator will devour you and your whole town

  1. OhTBB

    A quick glance at the photo’s description would have told you this is a creature from the Metroid series.

    Anyway, this is awesome stuff! Good job Ballom!

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